Frequently Asked Questions

How secured is Project Drive Partnership

You share ownership of all vehicles duly registered under the name “Project Drive & Partners” by the DVLA for the duration of your partnership agreement and receive a copy of a vehicle document as proof.

How long has project drive been in operation

We’ve been in operation since 3rd March 2020, developing our business model and projects. Visit our company profile page to learn more about what we do

Which government agency is regulating your business model & operations

Upon our extensive research before bringing the model to the market, we understand the vehicle registration documentation secures vehicle ownership. All vehicles are registered in the name of the company and investors, which we call “co-owners” and a copy is made available to you. The registration is done in a joint ownership manner just like if 2 people are buying a vehicle together and want the documents to be in both their names.
Another security level is comprehensive insurance for all vehicles for worst case scenarios.
For investors who want further security, you can buy a car on your own, do the documentation in your own name and submit the car to us for management(we call that full ownership). DVLA approves all vehicle registration.

The Business Resource Center(BRC), an organization set up by the Ministry of Trade to support micro & macro business also regulates our operations.

Banking & Payment Transactions

qAll payments & transactions are processed through the bank. We bank locally with First Atlantic Bank, Ecobank, Zenith Bank  & internationally with Chase, Wells Fargo & Evolve bank for transactions. All payments goes into acquiring vehicles for work, spare parts & machinery for auto services. We payout partners through First Atlantic Corporate Pay.

How long does it take to begin receiving monthly payment?

You will receive your 1st monthly payout one month after you purchase a package, processed on the 28th day of each month for the duration of the co-ownership contract. If you submit a vehicle however, you receive your payment as soon as your vehicle is operational.

Does Repair works affect my revenue flow

No it does not under our “joint ownership program”.
You will receive your monthly payments irrespective of downtimes we encounter due to our operational structure. Our fleet management includes maintaining and repairing vehicles and you are paid from income generated from all vehicles in our fleet.

However, it may affect your income if you submit your own vehicle since our “joint ownership” policy does not apply in this instance.

What does Co-Ownership mean

Project Drive Co-ownership simply means, you own a shares of the income generated from all vehicles in our fleet between (20%, 30%, 50% or 70%) as drivers “work to pay” us according to the package you purchased under our “joint ownership program” for the duration of your contract agreement with us.

How do you process drivers

Open the link to the driver application page to read about how we process drivers.

Are you a registered Company

We are registered in the USA with assigned filing number 2022-001079139 in the state of Wyoming & in Ghana with registration number: CS102190722 under the companies Act, 1963, Act 179.

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