Driver Agreement Policy

Read Our Driver Agreement Policy Before You Apply.

Commercial Driver Agreement Policy

  1. Application Options: Choosing the waiting list option means you will get your car to begin work within 12 weeks after your application, while down payment means, you will get your car within 4 weeks after your application

  2. Vehicle Ownership: I agree to “Work & Pay” for the ownership of the vehicle I obtain after my application has been approved.

  3. Repossession: The vehicle in my possession can be repossessed if I default in the repayment plan within 14 days period. If I default payment due to health issues beyond my control, I will need to provide a proof report to Project Drive  to avoid penalties or repossession of vehicle. Project Drive reserves the right to involve Securities such as Law enforcers for repossessions.

  4. Vehicle Tracking: All vehicles will be tracked and drivers will not be allowed to operate outside their region of residence until completion of payment except  in the instances management is aware.

  5. Driving License: A copy of your driving license & Ghana Card  will be withheld by management for the period of paying for the vehicle; however, you will retain the original copy.

  6. Guarantor: I agree to provide a guarantor to confirm basic information like my resident location, identity, working ethics, next of kin before I begin driving with Project Drive.

  7. Background Checks: Management will perform Police background checks on all drivers to insure they have clean records before vehicles are given to them.

  8. Aptitude Test: You will be subject to an aptitude test to determine whether you qualify as a commercial driver or not. However; you can re-apply after 2 months if you do not pass the test.

Refund Policy

  1. Insist on paying for your application on the website even when applying through an agent. Failing to do so may result in not being eligible for refund claims.
  2. After beginning your “work & pay” contract, if you are terminated due to default payment policy without providing good reason or for unethical behaviors, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  3. Defaulting any of our policies will warrant a penalty on your application fee

Apply to Drive With Us

Apply to Drive With Us

1. Apply to Wait

Project Drive business pays for your car.

Take Note: Drivers on Waiting list will be called to drive any submitted & available vehicle under our management either on weekly sales or work to pay.

You are required to submit your Driving license & Ghana Card before driving with us.

Waiting List Terms & Conditions

We acquire vehicles for drivers. Drivers are allowed to choose cars they want even brand new cars so far as they are comfortable with the terms and conditions. The working period varies between 2½ – 5 years.

Driver typically receive their cars within 12 weeks waiting period.

NB: Project Drive Business acquires vehicles for drivers.

Acquisition Fee: Drivers are required to pay a fee of GHS1050 before beginning driving with us. This is is non-refunded once we acquire a working vehicle for you to begin work. 

Vehicle ownership is transferred to drivers after completing “work & pay agreements”

2. Apply to Drive Now

You pay for your own car

Take Note: Vehicle maintenance cost has not been added to weekly sales for drivers.

You are required to submit your Driving license & Ghana Card before driving with us.

Drive Now Terms & Conditions

You are paying for your own vehicle through our work to pay scheme. You can choose any vehicle you want.

You pay up to 40% cost and Project Drive tops up the difference to acquire your vehicle. The difference plus profit will be spread over a minimum of 2 years payment plan for you. Non-commercial drivers can also apply for this option so far as their salary or income can cover the monthly payment. 

NB: You are paying for your own car.


Drivers typically receive their cars within 2 weeks after payment.

Refund Policy: You can request for a refund of your application fee anytime after the waiting period, should there be any form of delay in receiving your vehicle to begin your “work & pay” contract. This may be due to reasons beyond our control on either management or driver’s side.

Vehicle ownership is transferred to drivers after completing “work & pay agreements”

Strict & Flexible

Drivers perform best when they are given the freedom to operate. However, with about 50% of Project Drive's success rate relying on the quality of drivers we employ, we apply very strict application processes to accept only professional drivers.

P.D Auto Insurance

All vehicles under our management include comprehensive insurance cover which is optional for partners who submit their own vehicles and auto repair cover , where vehicles can be serviced on credit for drivers.